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How The Blessing Can Answer Your Most Troubling “Why?”

Jun 18, 2019

By: John Trent, Ph.D.

Simon Sinek is an outstanding speaker and thinker. Take a look at his TED talk on the golden circle. It’s a metaphor for what is most important to a leader, a coach, or anyone trying to figure out relationships — or even how to sell things. At the center of his talk, and the circle that he draws, is the word why. Because if you don’t take the time to answer that “why” – you can keep spinning in emotional circles – stuck and never really move towards a special future.

I believe that is a major reason why this message of the Blessing has helped so many people over the years. And be of great help to you. Because at the heart of this amazing biblical concept is an answer to not only our most troubling “Why?” questions – but freedom as well.  

For me, personally, it was in digging into the Blessing where I found out “why” my own father bailed out on our family when we were young. (Based on...

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