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Blessing Endurance: Stories from the Wise

Jun 27, 2019

By Brooke Brown

Summer has always been a great time for families to make memories together. Perhaps you remember all the laughter during those rambunctious family reunions, or backyard food fights at Independence Day BBQs or posing for silly photos in your mouse ears at Disneyland? Gatherings like these can also be a wonderful opportunity to capture your parents or grandparents stories as a way to further the Blessing for them and you.

No matter who they are, we can learn from their experiences and better understand who we are from knowing where they’ve been. I believe every caring parent wants to leave a legacy for their children and future generations of their family. As the child, doing this type of project will also give you a chance to relate to your parents and grandparents as well-rounded people, instead of just “Mom and Dad,” etc.

My mom’s side of the family agrees that I’m most like my grandma Geneva, in our appearances, demeanors, desire to...

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