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About The Book

Learn why over 2 million people have read about , and lived out The Blessing - and how you can too.



Get your questions answered and find out how The Blessing can help and encourage you and your loved ones.


"Amazing book. A must read for any father!"

Andy A.
Amazon Review

"Couldn't get any better....well worth the purchase....please, please get this does not only apply to husbands and wives. Do you have a relationship with someone? child, co worker, buddy...then you need this book!"

Mary M.
Amazon Review

"This book is one that I will refer to often...I highly recommend this book for every parent ----- no matter the ages of their children!"

HS Mom of 4
Amazon Review

"This is a wonderful book that every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, and teacher should read! It can have a profound effect on every child that you come in contact with. It contains the 5 things that a child must have from a significant adult in their lives. Definitely for every parent to read! And it is beneficial for those who work with children. And if you did not receive the Blessing from your parents, there is information about how you are able to receive the Blessing as an adult! We even have a small group of ladies who studied this book together and we have become a Blessing Bunch that meets weekly. We are in our second year of giving the Blessing to others!"

H. Garrett
Amazon Review

"This should be mandatory reading for every parent. Raising children with your intentional , thoughtful blessing on their life and who they are can mean night and day difference in their own self-perception, their confidence, their decision-making ability and their ability to successfully transition to adult life. The Blessing is a small investment in money and may require a meaningful change in how you view and raise you children. But is it ever worth it!!"

J. Ramsey
Amazon Review

"5 Stars. Beautifully written! Geared toward parents, but it can be for anyone. Very thought provoking. I loved it."

Amazon Review


Great News! The NEW Blessing Book is only a few clicks away. Just pick your favorite format, and then favorite retailer - and you'll be reading the book in no time.







Audio CD



Special Bonus Feature: Blessing Conversations with authors Dr. John Trent & Kari Trent Stageberg after each chapter - to help you go deeper and live out The Blessing.







Special Bonus Feature: Blessing Conversations with authors Dr. John Trent & Kari Trent Stageberg after each chapter - to help you go deeper and live out The Blessing.


About the Book

Learn how to end loneliness, and give the gift of unconditional love and acceptance to your family and loved ones.

In this NEW edition you will:
  • Learn What The Blessing is

  • Know How to Give The Blessing

  • Learn How to Create a Lifestyle of Blessing in Your Most Important Relationships (Siblings, Friends, Spouses, Kids and Grandparents!)

  • Get Over 150 Practical & Proven Ways You Can Give Someone Your Blessing - TODAY

  • Learn the First Steps to Healing and Reversing the Curse if You Didn't Receive The BlessingYourself



  • You get an entire workbook - Right inside the book! Filled with personal reflection questions, group questions and even Blessing activities. No need for extra workbooks, or additional purchases!
  • Group Questions - Each chapter has questions designed for you to talk about with your own Blessing Group
  • Blessing Activities! Start giving The Blessing right away with over 150 examples, and Blessing Activities to help you come up with your own Blessing ideas!
  • *The Audio Book even had a special feature with Blessing Conversations with John & Kari after each chapter to help you further live out and process through The Blessing


  • Blessing Groups - Don't go through this book alone. We've designed this edition for you to read it with your spouse, best friend, reading group, or church group. Everything you need is right in the book!
  • Personal and Group Questions built into the Book - We've heard how much people wanted MORE and in this edition we've added it. Our questions are specifically designed to help you go deeper, find healing, and take action
  • Blessing Activities built into the book - Take action right away and learn how to create your own Blessing ideas
  • A whole NEW section on how to live out The Blessing and make it a lifestyle - with over 150 examples you can apply TODAY




Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions

For each of us, regardless of our age, the acceptance of our parents and significant others in our life is incredibly important. Many people spend a lifetime searching for something the Bible calls, The Blessing.

The Blessing is a “life or death” choice someone significant makes to “add high value” to someone else. (Deut. 30:19). With our friends, spouse, children, even those we work with or meet throughout our daily life, we are either “choosing” to “bless” (add) or “curse” (subtract) these people

There were 5 “elements” of The Blessing we can learn to give and live! And when we do bless others, picture a door closed, that someone has longed all their lives to open. The Blessing – your Blessing powered by God’s Blessing - is a way to open that door of acceptance and unconditional love for someone that can be literally life-changing and healing for them!

Look for blogs, podcasts, and more from co-authors of The Blessing Dr. John Trent, Kari Trent Stageberg, and the rest of the Blessing team on how to better understand and move towards Blessing others in your life!

The heart of the original Blessing book is right here and worth reading again. But SO much is new in this edition.

From adding a new author, Kari Trent Stageberg, to the way this edition is built around your going through this book with a “Blessing Team” – not just as a “solo climb.”

Almost 2 million people have read the previous edition of The Blessing, and we’ve heard from many who have said – “I get it! But give me more help in applying the Blessing in my life-story!” That’s another new and hugely important new section of this book.

We’ve also finally have a brand new audio version of the book for those wanting to listen as they driving or doing life where their eyes can’t be on a book.

In both versions, the crucial core material on The Blessing is right here, but now wrapped in a way that links with the way people learn today, instead of when the book first came out.

Inside the book, you’ll find group questions and important insights. Chapters full of “I can do that” applications of the Blessing, and from the very beginning, the answer to that “Why” question so many of us ask all our lives.

Not just “why” didn’t I get the Blessing – but “Why” the Blessing can be something I can get today and equally important, give to others in my life to need it today as well!

We go into more detail in the book, but in short, there is nothing wrong with your doing a “solo climb” and just reading the book yourself.

But in almost 40 years of teaching and coaching literally thousands of people in getting, giving and living the Blessing, we’ve seen how incredibly helpful going through this material with a group of friends, or newfound friends can be.

People are so lonely today! Clinical studies are showing that in many cases, for people of any age, they cannot name even ONE PERSON as a close friend who really cares about them. That ought to stop today!

And can as you start a group, or join or recruit a group of people to walk through this life and loneliness changing concept called, the Blessing.

If we could reach out right now and lay our hand on your shoulder – and ask you to look at us in the eye – we’d tell you that there is nothing wrong with wanting the love and acceptance that the Blessing can bring us. Nothing wrong with the way so many of us have longed for that kind of acceptance from someone significant, all our lives. We’ve all had people “step away” from us – subtract from us. (Which you’ll learn is the biblical definition of what it means when someone “curses” us). Enough is enough. It’s time for you to receive a Blessing and from that place of healing and hope, learn how to give the Blessing to others as well.

Don't stress! We can help answer your questions. Just email us at [email protected] and someone from our team will be in touch with you soon!


Don't miss the opportunity to learn about The Blessing - and give this gift of unconditional love and acceptance to your loved ones.


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