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Jun 05, 2019

We are so excited you've joined us on The Blessing Blog!

Here you will find tons of information about giving and living out The Blessing. You'll also learn more about what to do if you didn't receive The Blessing yourself, and how you can heal. 

We have 4 main Blessing Experts that you'll be hearing from - but we are always looking for others to join our Blogging Team as well!

Our Blessing Experts are:

Dr. John Trent - Dr. Trent is not only the author of The Blessing, but he has helped over 2 million people transform their relationships and faith by understanding and giving The Blessing.

Kari Trent Stageberg  - Kari is the co-author of The Blessing, and specializes in helping people take clear and easy steps to give someone their Blessing each day. 

Dr. Tony Wheeler - Dr. Wheeler is an expert at helping people heal when they didn't receive The Blessing. Look for his blogs, and more about what Dr. Wheeler calls "The Blessing Cry"

Brooke Brown - is...

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