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Discover how this Biblical, practical gift can forever change a future.


The Blessing is a life-changing gift of unconditional love and acceptance passed down from one generation to the next. Through the Blessing, children (and adults) find out what it means to be highly valued and loved by someone else using five specific actions first laid out in the Bible:

  • Meaningful touch
  • A Spoken Message
  • Attaching High Value
  • Picturing a Special Future
  • An Active Commitment

By Choosing to give these five incredibly simple, yet amazingly powerful "elements" of The Blessing to others, you can enrich or restore parent-child relationships, strengthen marriages, build friendships and provide a deeper understanding of God's love and blessing in our lives.


The Blessing Challenge is your call to start living and giving the Blessing to those around you. Take the first step by accepting the Blessing Challenge and choose to change the life of those around you.

The Blessing Challenge for Parents

We’re calling for one million parents to initiate a life of blessing for their children. Learn how to write a blessing and get tips on how to commemorate the moment. Parents get practical steps on how to pass along a legacy of blessing to their child.

Take the Blessing Challenge for Parents
The Blessing Challenge for Churches

Equip your congregation to live out a life of blessing. Join 1,000 churches as they commit to instilling the life-changing truths of what a Biblical blessing can do to a life. Create a Blessing Sunday at your church and preach the life-changing message of The Blessing to your congregation.

Take the Blessing Challenge for Churches
The Blessing Challenge for Young Adults

Join 100,000 young adults as they embrace the elements of The Blessing and apply them to the areas of dating, life and faith. Get advice on dealing with past hurts and find out how you can pass on The Blessing to those around you.

Take the Blessing Challenge for Young Adults