What is The Blessing?

The Blessing is a best-selling classic that helps children thrive today and experience a special future tomorrow Children of every age long for the gift of "the blessing" - the unconditional love and approval that come from a healthy relationship with their parents. This life-changing gift, essential for instilling a deep sense of self-worth and unshakable emotional well-being, contains five essential elements: meaningful touch, a spoken message, attaching high value, picturing a special future, and an active commitment. Offering solid, practical advice and a fresh perspective on making this gift a bigger part of our families, The Blessing powerfully communicates these biblically based elements as necessary to prepare children for positive future relationships, including their relationship with a loving God. New to the book are practical ideas, questions, exercises, and links for online resources - plus practical advice for planning a blessing event for a child, preparing a written keepsake blessing, and living out the blessing every day of our lives.

What is the Blessing Challenge?

The Blessing Challenge is your call to start living and giving the Blessing to those around you. This seven-year initiative calls for you to take that first step and choose to change the life of those around you. Take the Blessing Challenge for Parents, Churches or Young Adults.

What if I never received the Blessing?

There is hope for "reversing the curse" -- find blessing in situations of divorce, death, desertion, adoption, and blended families. Download the PDF on Reversing the Curse for more information.

How do I contact the Blessing?

Have a question about the Blessing or want more information? Email us or find other contact information here